Our Mission

At SpeechLearn, PC our mission is to provide clients with professional, and passionate care, in increasing their quality of communication skills. We help our clients understand and remediate speech and language disorders, in the most efficient, evidence- based, and dignified manner possible.

The company was founded in 2008 to meet the needs of families searching for high quality, result oriented,speech and language therapy.

Today, our experienced clinicians provide knowledgeable care in a fun environment with measurable success.
About SpeechLearn
What Our Clients are Saying
Thanks so much for the work you've done with Aaron. He made enormous progress in his fluency of speech.
Aliza K
Our son Gabriel has changed in so many ways since we sought your guidance and therapy. He is reading fluently and speaking clearly, and is a happier child. Thank you.
Moshe N

The changes we have seen in our child have been subtle but dramatic. He has mentioned on his own that he is now able to understand and retain information much better.
Esther H. (Mom of 7 year old)
I have been a high school teacher for 20 years, but stopped teaching because of my voice. I needed vocal fold surgery and voice therapy. Since I stopped therapy, I have never been hoarse. Your therapy and technique helped me use my voice properly.
Yisroel Y (60 years old.)