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Hearing Impaired
Hearing Impaired
Hearing loss affects millions of children in the US. Children and adolescents using cochlear implants and amplification devices find it difficult to produce speech sounds, learn vocabulary, grammar, word order, idiomatic expressions, and other aspects of verbal communication.
At SpeechLearn, our therapists are skilled in training children with hearing loss to maximize their potential.
Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder
Auditory processing is described as "what we do with what we hear". A disorder of auditory processing is an inability to process auditory information and listen accurately. Children with auditory processing disorder often exhibit related weaknesses in speech articulation and expressive language. They often exhibit Dyslexia, because to develop fluent decoding of written language, it is crucial to have a developmentally appropriate auditory processing system.
At SpeechLearn, we treat children struggling with auditory processing to help improve their listening, auditory memory, and phonological skills. This leads to increased reading decoding and comprehension skills.
Language Delays
Language Disorders
Language based learning disabilities are weaknesses in language that cause delays in academic performance. These include limited vocabulary, poor phonological development, poor following directions abilities, poor syntax and word structure development, and poor word retrieval skills.
Children who are bilingual or in a multilingual curricula setting, such as in Hebrew, Yiddish and English studies, may develop further difficulties in acquiring basic, necessary skills to function academically. Patients who suffer from aphasia have trouble understanding and using words and sentences resulting from brain injury. These patients often exhibit dysarthria and swallowing difficulties as well. Speech and language rehabilitation in these patients is effective in restoring and managing communication function in those who lost speech and language functions from traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other damage to language areas of the brain.
Hearing Impaired
Voice & Resonance Disorders
Voices are unique to every single individual. It is created by vibrations of the vocal chords. Voice therapy is effective in reducing vocal hoarseness resulting from vocal abuse in children, adults, and professional voice users. At SpeechLearn, we work together with otolaryngologists in treating patients with various vocal fold lesions.
Language Delays
Cleft Lip/Palate
Cleft palate is a significant birth defect that is repaired by a team of specialists over an extended period of time. Children with repaired cleft lip and palate need to habilitate speech and vocal resonance, and reduce compensatory articulation processes during the various stages of the surgical process.
At SpeechLearn, we are devoted to maximizing the speech intelligibility of children who have gone through the cleft palate surgery process.
Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Fluency Disorders
A person who repeats words or sounds which interrupts his natural flow of speech is exhibiting stuttered speech. This problem usually begins in childhood and may last through adult life. People who stutter find it challenging to communicate their needs, often avoid certain words, and may elude social settings. It is crucial for these children to improve their speech fluency.
At SpeechLearn, we help develop fluency strategies, and desensitize children to stuttering in order to increase fluency of speech.
Language Delays
Articulation/ Phonology Disorders
Articulation is how we move our tongue, lips, and teeth, and jaw to produce speech sounds. When a child has an articulation difficulty, they struggle or are unable to produce certain speech sounds and need help in learning how to do so. Children with articulation weaknesses often show weaknesses in perception and phonological processing, which may cause them to read poorly.
At SpeechLearn, we work on specific exercises to help learn how to develop phonemic awareness and produce speech sounds accurately.