Our Team

Pinchus Orlander

Pinchus Orlander, MS CCC SLP, is a NYS licensed Speech Language Pathologist, certified by the American Speech/Language Hearing Association (ASHA). In addition to his certification Mr. Orlander has extensive clinical expertise with patients who have voice and resonance disorders, very common in teachers, rabbis, baalei tefilah and children in the community. Mr. Orlander is a graduate of the yeshiva system, which incorporates many unique language phonological and reasoning skills in its Hebrew and Talmud curriculum. He subsequently served as a teacher in these schools. This breadth of experience has given Mr. Orlander broad knowledge of the unique speech, language, and learning challenges as well as the needs facing multilingual children and adolescents in these institutions.

Frumi Mintz
Speech Language Pathologist

Frumi Mintz is a Speech Language Pathologist, with a Master of Arts from University of Cincinnati. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Frumi is in clinical practice since 2009, with background experience in schools, clinic, and private settings. Frumi has extensive experience working with children who have articulation and phonological difficulties, word retrieval and expressive language delays, and fluency disorders. Frumi's interest areas in speech therapy include auditory processing disorder and preschool language development. She is a ABT Certified Provider of The Listening ProgramĀ®. Frumi recognizes and catalyzes the role of parents as an essential part of their child's intervention, and works on teaching parents techniques and language strategies to implement at home.

Rudi Gliksman
Speech Language Pathologist

Rudi Gliksman-Pesach is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and feels privileged to be a part of the SpeechLearn team since 2009. She holds a certificate of clinical competence as awarded by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and a New York State Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD) certificate. Rudi is a graduate of Brooklyn College and has experience in schools, hospitals, clinical, and private settings. Rudi has also served as an intern at the American Institute for Stuttering, where she gained knowledge, skill, and understanding to address the needs of children and adults with fluency disorders. In addition, she attended PROMPT workshops to facilitate her ability to target Apraxia of Speech and severe articulation deficits.

Her personal desire to facilitate children and adults in the social domain led her to research and attend workshops to gain knowledge in the area of social cognition.

She has also worked extensively with children with hearing impairment and auditory processing deficits to facilitate their ability to perform in mainstream school programs. She has also serviced the geriatric population by facilitating an Aphasia group for client's post stroke. Rudi's appreciation for the hierarchical build-up of auditory processing and language skills are the basis for her clear and consistent approach to speech and language therapy for children, teens, and adults. Rudi believes that every individual deserves the opportunity to maximize his or her communicative competence. She has an appreciation for the personality and nature of each client and believes it is a combination of the client's individual personality, combined with his or her unique strengths and weaknesses that impact the performance and presentation of the client's speech and language profile. Rudi counsels clients of all ages to demystify their challenges and coaches clients and parents to take an active role in the therapeutic process. Her confidence in each person, coupled with her passion, warmth, and enthusiasm are the foundation for Rudi's dedication to her clients and to the field of Speech-Language Pathology.